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Brent Smith

President/Chief of Security



President Brent Smith is from Indianapolis, IN and brings a Wide Variety of experience to the Public Safety Industry. President Brent Smith has gained experience as an IPS Public Schools Recruit Police Officer in 2007, Owner of Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC., Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent 2006 to 2013, Bail Agent 2013 – present, Ivy Tech State Community College Public Safety Officer 2009 –  2016. President Brent Smith has gain education through numerous institutions such as Pre Basic Training through (I.L.E.A) Atterbury Job Corps Pre Law Enforcement training through U.S. Department of Labor, Legal Concepts Cert. through the International Foundation of Protection Officers, F.E.M.A Certification, Defense Tactics through Control Tactics and etc. President Brent Smith today is currently working as a Bail Agent for his Company Smith American Bail Bonds and his Security Agency Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC. President Brent Smith also oversees his outreach organization called “Realize the Gift in You”. President Brent Smith was also featured on the Late Amos Brown show AM 1310. President Brent Smith was greatly inspired by his uncle the late Indiana House State Representative William "Bill" Crawford.

Joshua Downhour

General Manager/Operations

Joshua Downhour has had a variety of experience in the public safety industry since 2002. He has over 17 years of experience in Private Investigations and Armed Security with a company named Bad Boy Private Investigators and Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC. I also have over 17 years of experience in Loss Prevention/Asset Protection with Wal*Mart.



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