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What Types of Security Guards Exist in the U.S.?

What types of security guards exist in the U.S.
Security Guards

"Discover the Different Types of Security Guards in the U.S.!"

When finding security services, the first step is knowing your options within the country you reside in. In the United States, there are a variety of

services, from unarmed security guards to retail security guards to loss prevention, all

the way up to private security services. In this article, we will look at the different types

of security guards/services that exist in the U.S. and on a local level, and the options

that security companies in Indianapolis, Indiana, can provide.


Watchman- An entry-level security guard who watches a specific location or area. They usually carry no weapons and cannot stop an Intruder alone. Security Guard- This is an entry-level position. It’s a level above a watchman, so typically, it comes with more duties. Falling under this umbrella term, you have an Unarmed Security Guard, which usually requires eighty hours of training. Unarmed security guards are allowed to carry self-defense weaponry but possess no firearms.

Armed Security Guards are trained to use self-defense weapons and firearms. Given that they carry guns, they are trained extensively and have more intense requirements than an unarmed guard. Public Safety Officers, though still an entry-level form of security, have greater responsibilities. Therefore, the training has more strenuous requirements, including but not limited to complete training in law enforcement accompanied by a college degree. Senior Security Officers are the guards that assist in the training of lower-ranking guards. This training usually includes emergency services training so they can help if an emergency arises.

It is always a good idea to have an officer of this capacity at any event, as one never knows when an emergency will arise, and it is better to be safe and prepared than not to have anyone there to aid in an emergency. Bodyguards are security guards or law enforcement officers who protect an essential person or group of people, such as high-ranking public officials, wealthy businesspeople, and celebrities, from harm. Bodyguards add an extra layer of comfort when traveling to new places or cities that the person may not be familiar with, and they want to stay safe in these new surroundings. Event Security Guards are primarily in charge of crowd control at events and manage order in large bodies of people. They are the peacekeepers of the event world. Depending on the event, they may be fully uniformed, out on display, or plain-clothed so they are less noticeable to the untrained eye and blend in well with the crowd.

Event security guards keep things flowing and controlled well, so whether it’s a small event where people need direction/instruction or a more significant event where more monitoring for conflict will be required, event security is the team you want on the job to ensure everything runs smoothly and without incident. Patrol Guards, whether on foot or mobile, will patrol the premises day or night, checking for any suspicious activity/behavior. They also perform security checks, ensuring that all areas that should be locked or off-limits remain as they should. They will monitor loading docks, parking garages, and/or lots as needed. They ensure that all premises or facilities are protected from criminal activity by doing patrols to check all areas and addressing any persons that may appear out of place.

Video Surveillance Operators are essentially the “eye in the sky” for security. These

individuals specialize in monitoring and aiding in action using video surveillance. Now, when people think of video surveillance, this used to mean cameras. Still, given the

advancement in technology over the years, this now includes drones and, on the ground,

operating systems that can patrol the area or sit stationary and be moved as needed.

Surveillance Guards are the monitoring officers who watch the camera feeds and alarm

systems for signs of irregularities or interruptions. They will dedicate their time to

monitoring several areas via the camera feeds. This takes a good eye and a quick response time when something abnormal is observed. When every second counts, one always wants a surveillance guard with a quick response time.

If they notice anything out of order, they will radio the security staff (if available) or contact law enforcement as needed; they will log the date and time of the disturbance and ensure

that the footage is readily available for whoever may need to review it. There are many forms of security, and the one that may be right for a person or company will depend on the level of protection the client is searching for. Hopefully, this article has given some insight into the different types of security services offered in the United States and, on a more local level, in Indianapolis, Indiana. At Charter United, Protective Services is here to help find what services suit the client best and how we can assist the client in feeling safe and secure.

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