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Residential Security Detail of Service


Are you a homeowner, renter, tenant, Airbnb, or the management of an apartment community in need of security services? It is very important to feel secure within your home. As of today, there has been a high number of home invasions, burglaries, assaults, and rape across this nation that have occurred on residential properties. It has also been a rise in illegal activities that have occurred in private apartment communities that have affected many households throughout this nation. You should always feel secure within your home.


What We Offer


Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC provides armed guards, unarmed guards, and vehicle patrol services for residential properties. If you choose Charter United Protective Services for your residential property you will receive top-level security services ranging from guards to alarm response and dispatch services such as vehicle plate verifications, and background checks to strive and ensure the safety of your community from any illegal activity or crime. Crime prevention is very important and has saved citizens from being victims of crime.

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