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School Security

          Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC. As of today, brings a wide variety of public safety experiences when it comes to providing security services for schools and colleges. The president of Charter United Protective Services was previously a public safety officer for Ivy Tech Community College and in 2007 was a recruit police officer at Tech Arsenal High which resides in Indianapolis, IN. Charter United Protective Services Agency currently provides security services for Him By Her Collegiate School For The Arts located in Downtown Indianapolis and Mount Carmel Community Academy which resides on the far east side of Indianapolis. As of the 2021-2022 school year Indiana reported 1,291 total arrests made. Charter United Protective Services understands the importance of the safety of our kids and teenagers when it comes to school. Charter United Protective Services provides the best public safety office when it comes to protecting students and school staff.


 Charter United Protective Services public safety officers stand by our model “We're not Secure Until you are". Charter United Protective Services Agency public safety officers demonstrate integrity, dedication, and professionalism.


School Security Detail Of Service


  1. Armed Officers

  2. Unarmed Officers

  3. Traffic Control

  4. Routine School Property Patrol

  5. Dispatch Service

  6. Criminal Trespass - Indiana Code 35-43-2-2(1), Indiana Code 35-43-2-2(2), Indiana Code 35-43-2-2(5)

  7. Incident Reports

  8. Some officers CPR, AED, and First Aid

  9. Fire Alarm & Security Alarm Response

  10. Crime Prevention

  11. Weapons Metal detection

  12. Student Crime Prevention Mentoring Program

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