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"Public Safety"

"Public Safety"

Security Guard Service! Security Guards Indianapolis!

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Security Guard Services


Comprehensive Security Guard Services: Top-Tier Security Tailored for Your Unique Needs

Although crime rates across the United States and in Chicago have been on the decline in recent years, violent crimes are still on the rise in Chicago. According to FBI statistics, national violent crime decreased an estimated 1.7% in 2022 compared to 2021 estimates. However, reports from the Chicago Police Department arrest show that violent crimes such as assaults and motor vehicle thefts are at the highest levels in a decade despite a noticeable drop in overall crime. Many other neighboring cities, like Indianapolis, have seen sharp rises in homicide, assault, and robbery. This demonstrates the growing need for professional security services to keep homes, businesses, events, and public spaces safe. Having a professional security presence is essential when protecting your property, assets, employees, and customers. Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC has over 15 years of experience providing best-in-class security solutions in Indianapolis and across Indiana. We are a trusted name known for the high level of protection, responsiveness, and care we provide to every client.


Why Choose Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC?

Our Approach Sets Us Apart


What makes Charter United Protective Services stand out from other security companies? It comes down to our diligent approach rooted in attentiveness, thoroughness, and discretion. We take time to understand each client's unique risks and vulnerabilities. Our security experts then engineer layered solutions spanning people, processes, and technology to mitigate risks effectively. Guards are carefully selected and rigorously trained so they operate to the highest standards while on duty. We utilize smart technology like video analytics, access control systems, visitor management, and more to enhance security posture.


Robust Offerings for Any Situation


We provide comprehensive capabilities to securing environments of all types. Our core services include:

  • Unarmed Security Officers - Trusted, highly trained officers act as a visible deterrence and first line of defense against threats. Duties range from access control to concierge services.

  • Armed Security Officers - For locations deemed high-risk, armed officers provide an added layer of defense and ability to respond to violent situations.

  • Loss Prevention - Undercover officers and technology safeguard retail stores against shoplifting, fraud, and shrinkage.

  • Event Security - We properly staff and manage security at events of all sizes from concerts to conferences.

  • Executive Protection - Personal bodyguards protect high-net-worth individuals and celebrities at home, in transit and in public.

  • Critical Infrastructure Security - We are experienced in securing sensitive facilities like data centers, hospitals, utilities and government buildings.

Layered Protection for Property Owners

Our property protection services are designed to effectively reduce external and internal risks across residential, commercial, and HOA communities. We combine staff guarding with patrol, access control, video surveillance, and visitor and delivery management into a single integrated solution. Our mobile app lets Clients quickly view officer reports, footage, and activity statuses.


Expertise Tailored for Your Industry

Over our 15+ years securing a diverse customer base, Charter United has developed specialized expertise for securing key industries, including:

  • Retail: Shoplifting and fraud prevention services ensure retail stores minimize shrinkage. Both uniformed and undercover officers were deployed.

  • Education: Hardening campuses against external attacks and maintaining orderly classrooms.

  • Religious Centers: Sensitively securing places of worship from disruptions during services and events.

  • Financial Services: Protecting assets in financial buildings, securing fund transfers, and safely transporting cash deposits.


What Should You Look for in a Security Company?

Protecting your commercial property, retail location, construction site, special event or residential community requires partnering with a security company that checks all the right boxes. Here are some key areas to evaluate:

  • Industry Experience: Look for adequate experience serving clients in your specific industry, such as healthcare, education, corporate, retail, etc. Industry knowledge is critical.

  • Local Knowledge: A security company familiar with your area, city ordinances, and local challenges will provide better protection services. Security has vital regional components, so identifying risks and responding quickly depends significantly on local visibility. Companies anchored in the community tend to provide superior service.

  • Proper Licensing and Insurance: Ensure your provider has up-to-date licenses and sufficient general liability insurance and bonding to cover officers and potential incidents on your property properly.

  • Guard Vetting and Training Procedures: There should be rigorous processes for vetting guards, including extensive background checks, drug testing, and more. Ongoing training is also vitally important.

  • Risk Evaluation: The best security partners start by thoroughly evaluating your risks, facilities, and procedures. Custom solutions come from comprehensive assessments.

  • Customizable Services: In terms of security risks and needs, one size doesn't fit all sites. Look for flexibility in building customized armed or unarmed security packages to safeguard vulnerabilities.


Follow this checklist when evaluating security guard companies, and you'll see why Charter United Protective Services is a trusted name in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana.

What You Can Expect From Charter United Protective Services

When you choose Charter United Protective for your security guard services, you can expect best-in-class protection supported by accountability and responsiveness.

  • Site Evaluation and Risk Analysis: We'll evaluate your property thoroughly to identify vulnerabilities and create a site-specific protection plan that addresses those unique risks.

  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring: Our supervisors conduct regular check-ins and performance monitoring at all guarded sites to ensure protocol adherence and address concerns immediately.

  • Quick Emergency Response: Our security dispatch is staffed 24/7 to respond immediately to any emergency incidents. We also coordinate with local law enforcement as needed.

  • Incident Reporting: You'll receive complete documentation and reporting on all incidents, with full transparency on guard response and follow-up actions taken.

  • Regular Account Management: Your dedicated account manager will be available for ongoing collaboration and consultations to meet evolving security requirements proactively.


Always Vigilant. Always There

With crime on the rise in Indianapolis and many regions of Indiana, having professional security services in place has become necessary. Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC has been a trusted name in security for over 15 years. You can trust our seasoned security professionals to provide the heightened vigilance, responsiveness, and care your operation demands. We are available 24/7 to discuss your unique needs, customize solutions, and rapidly respond to incidents. Protect those that matter most with Charter United. Reach out today to get started.

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