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"Public Safety"
"Public Safety"



In 2021, the United States broke its own record for the highest number of mass shootings in the country. That year, 686 mass shooting incidents occurred. The following year that number dropped only slightly, bringing the annual count to 636 in 2022. Mass shootings aren't the only crime on the rise in the nation. Retail theft, burglaries, and other crimes are also increasing in number. As a business owner, homeowner, or event planner, these statistics can be scary. You might worry about the many different things that could happen to your property, or to guests during your next event. Luckily, there's a solution; hiring private security services. If you're looking for a reputable, licensed public safety company in or around Indianapolis, you've come to the right place. Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC is a security company that offers services in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as throughout the state. Licensed by the state of Indiana professional licensing board, our company has been serving Indiana since 2007. We specialize in providing client-specific solutions for companies across a wide variety of industries. If you're in need of affordable security services, keep reading. We're breaking down what you need to know about Charter United Protective Services, how to hire a security guard, and why you should hire security for your business or your next event.


What to Know About Hiring a Security Guard from Charter United Protective Services

If you're thinking about hiring a guard service from Charter United Protective Services, you likely have some questions.


Are You Licensed?


One of the most important questions to ask when searching for security services is whether or not the company is licensed. When you hire a company that isn't licensed, you run the risk of getting security guards without proper training. They may not be able to legally carry a weapon, which means that you'll only have the option to hire unarmed guard services. They may also lack the gear to do their job properly. Hiring licensed security guards ensures that you get security services that you can trust. Charter United Protective Services is licensed by the state of Indiana professional licensing board. Our security guards receive advanced training, ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge that it takes to provide high-quality security for your event.

What Types of Properties and Clients Do You Serve?


In today's world, there's no shortage of reasons to hire a security guard. For that reason, Charter United Protective Services serves clients across a wide variety of industries.

Some common types of properties and clients that we service include:

  • Church security

  • School security

  • Residential Security

  • Commercial Security

  • Loss Prevention

  • Hotel security

  • Traffic control

  • Event security

  • Bodyguard services

Do You Offer Armed and Unarmed Guard Services?


Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC offers both armed and unarmed guard services. Which type of security guard is right for you depends on your reasons for hiring security, as well as where the guards will be based. For instance, if there's been a threat of violence from a disgruntled employee at your workplace, armed guards might be the right choice. But if you're hiring a security guard for a small festival, unarmed guards might be the better option. When you hire security services from Charter United Protective Services, you'll have your choice of armed or unarmed guards.


What are a Security Guard's Responsibilities?

The ultimate goal of a security guard is to provide public safety for a business or during an event. Depending on the type of event or the property that the guard is providing security for, their responsibilities might vary.


Common security guard responsibilities include:

  • Watching for potential threats

  • Crowd control

  • Detaining unruly or dangerous individuals

  • Working with local police for arrests in the cast of serious incidents

  • Identifying potential security risks

  • Traffic control

  • Bodyguard services


Is Hiring a Security Guard Affordable?


Another common question that people have when hiring a security service is whether or not it is affordable. Charter United Protective Services provides affordable security guard services. If your security guard service budget is tight, we may still be an option. It's important to keep in mind that security services are an investment. While it could mean spending less on a different part of your event or trimming from other parts of your budget, security services provide greater peace of mind and risk mitigation. You can't put a price on ensuring that your property or next event is safe. It's also important to consider the cost of dealing with an event that gets out of hand or a breach of security at your company. You could face lawsuits, damaged property, and a variety of other costs.

Reasons to Hire a Security Guard

Now that you know more about Charter United Protective Services, it's time to consider whether or not you need to hire security for your property or your next event. There are many benefits of security guards for events and property protection. These benefits vary depending on the type of property or event that you're hiring security for. Let's take a look at some of the common reasons to hire a security guard.


Commercial Security


One popular reason to hire security services is to protect your commercial property. If that commercial property is a store or other retail business, one of the biggest reasons to hire security is to reduce retail theft. This crime is on the rise throughout the United States. In 2022 alone, more than $100 billion in loss was reported as a result of retail theft. A large part of that theft occurred as a result of organized retail crime rings. Retail theft doesn't only result in a loss of profit; it can also lead to property damage and violence. In one study, eight out of every 10 retailers reported that they experienced an incident of violence and aggression during a retail theft event. Hiring commercial security can help reduce retail theft and discourage violence, keeping your customers and staff safe and improving your bottom line.


Residential Security


Whether you're a homeowner, a renter or tenant, or own an Airbnb or apartment complex, there are plenty of reasons to hire security services.

Every year, more than a million home burglaries occur across the U.S. In fact, property crimes are the most common type of crime in the United States. While break-ins aren't always violent, they do lead to loss of property and property damage. They can also rob your family of their sense of security in their own home. Hiring armed guards, unarmed guards, or vehicle patrol services for residential properties will discourage criminals, and provide every member of the home with greater peace of mind.


Event Security

Whether you're hosting a neighborhood BBQ or a church festival, hiring security is a must. Even if you don't expect an event to turn violent, having security guards on hand provides peace of mind to attendees and staff. Security guards can help reconnect lost kids with their families. They can watch for potential security threats. If hired for it, they can provide traffic control. Your security guards can also be lifesavers in the case of a serious, violent incident.


Church Security

Since 1999, there have been 23 fatal shootings in churches in the U.S. While this number is small compared to the number of churches in the country and the number of services that they hold, it's enough to scare many individuals away from attending church.

Hiring security services can not only protect your congregation during an emergency but can also provide the peace of mind that they need to attend worship each week. Security services can also help manage crowds, traffic, or other incidents at church picnics, festivals, and other events.


How to Hire Security Services

Hiring affordable security services is easier than you might think. Whether your business has received a threat, you want to provide peace of mind at your church, or you're hosting an event and want to improve security, searching for guard service near me is a good first step. Finding local guard companies that you can trust makes it easy to hire security guards as needed for events and other purposes. If you're looking to hire a security guard for your business or your next event, Charter United Protective Services can help. We provide a variety of security guard services to help you mitigate risk and, as a result, improve customer satisfaction and profitability. Contact us today to discuss your security needs or to hire our security services for your property or next event.

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